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I’ve joined the modern era.

I’ve finally given in and set up a Twitter account. If you want to follow me while I learn to cope with this new fangled invention I can be found on GemmaDubliner. I have to admit I’m enjoying the instant communication allowed by Twitter. I had one of my very first Tweets read aloud on RTE Lyric fm. I could hardly believe it.

Marty Whelan, the radio presenter I turn on as soon as I get out of bed happened to mention Roy Roger’s visit to Ireland. He said his mother had mentioned it but he found it unbelievable that such a famous personality had appeared on a Dublin stage. I grew up being told all about the time I was put on the back of Trigger, Roy Roger’s famous horse. The animal was stabled in the livery in our lane. The same livery featured in my book Through Streets Broad and Narrow.

I would have been about the age I am in the photo I’ll attach here.

Exciting times.Scan_Pic0173_thumb.jpg


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