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Dublin Tenements.

I’m watching the program on TV3 with great enjoyment. I didn’t realise it was a re-run. I write about the Dublin Tenements with great fondness. The hidden enclave of Tenements off Upper Mount Street is a historically forgotten area of the city. I was born there and grew up hearing about ‘The Lane’ as it was known to its people, all of my life.

‘I haven’t a penny’ wasn’t an expression around the tenement buildings – it was a way of life.

My parents mourned the loss of the Tenements all the days of their lives. They missed the community they were forced to give up. Living in the heart of the city they had everything they could possibly need on their doorstep. They walked everywhere. They were exposed to Opera, great shows on stage and screen, the stars of the day were familiar figures to them. They lost all of that when they were moved to ‘better premises’ to improve their lives. They didn’t seem to appreciate the indoor toilet and more room. They wanted the life they had known – the people they loved more than family.



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