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Tenement Experience.

I had an amazing experience yesterday. Friday the 15th of September. I went with a friend to Henrietta Street to visit the tenement museum. For those who are interested in visiting I advise you to buy tickets before going. At the moment they are showing live theatre. The audience plays their part. My friend and I became part of the wedding party and a great time was had by all.


We met two lovely ladies from Australia and two true Dubs – by the time the doors opened we felt like old friends. It was truly a great day out. Well worth the visit. For those who can’t make it there is a FB page for the tenement museum. Lots of photo’s to see and comments from those lucky enough to have seen the shows.

t3t4The bride and groom.

The opening of the play viewed from the street.


tenements1The playbill. A really great show that captures the imagination and draws you in.

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