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First selfie!!


blogHad a marvellous time signing my books in Hodgis Figgis on Thursday. This is the book store where my character Ivy Rose would have bought her copy of Alice in Wonderland. I’ve been asked to give location for photo’s for non Irish readers.  The address is Dawson Street, Dublin. This bookstore has been in business since 1768 – how’s that for information?


I remember having my knuckles rapped for not treating the books with the respect they deserved in this shop!


I had a great experience there which I’d love to share. I was signing my books chatting to the wonderful manager when unknown to me a customer was searching for my books behind me. The gentleman had been sent into Dublin just to buy my book for his mother who is apparently an avid fan. I was introduced and had the sheer delight of being told “I was a marvel”. I had my first selfie taken with this gentleman at his request. I felt like a star!

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