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Time for Tea.



What a great way to pass time. Staring at the cover of my latest book and having a cup of tea. You can’t beat it.

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2 Responses to Time for Tea.

  1. Victoria Todd-Smith says:

    Dear Gemma,

    I just finished the entire Ivy Rose series and I must say that as a voracious reader these were some of the most enjoyable books I have read all year!

    I am so sad that I finished them already and envy those who are just beginning to read them. That to me is what I would want from my readers if I were an author! Kudos!

    We want more as soon as possible!

    • Gemma says:

      Hello Victoria,

      I am so glad you enjoyed Ivy’s world. It is wonderful to hear from readers. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      Gemma Jackson

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