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oh yeahMy inner child is always dancing.

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  1. Vicki Duncan Kinsey says:

    Ms. Jackson, I too yearn for more Ivy Rose books or perhaps any book written by you. In the Ivy series, I loved the story line. I especially loved the surprises and twists and turns that were in every book. I have not seen this style of writing in other Historical Fiction Books. This made your books my all time favorites of the books that I have read so far. I usually read Historical Fiction WWll. But, oh, how your books intrigued me. I am thankful that I found this blog and I will wait impatiently for your next book.

  2. Patricia Zahrbock says:

    Ms. Jackson, Please put out a 5th Ivy book…sooo addicted! Also, I would love to read any book written by you.

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