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Stephen’s Lane.


IMG_1528This is a photo of the area I call Stephens Lane in my books. You can just make out the church at the top of the street. Ivy would have pushed her pram along this street almost daily.


IMG_1533These houses form part of a large square that hides The Lane. The entrance you can see to the right of the picture is where Ivy and friends would have entered and where Father Leary loomed at times.


IMG_1534The view into The Lane.


IMG_1536You can see the bones of the old livery in this building. I vividly remember the livery. American film stars would stable their horses here when they visited Ireland on publicity tours. As a baby I was put on Roy Roger’s horse Trigger’s back. I have no memory of this honour but was told of it frequently when the old movies played on television.


IMG_1537One of the last houses standing from the old days.



IMG_1540The correct name of The Lane but no-one ever used it.

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