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The Lane

The world I write about is or was real. I grew up listening to the tales about The Lane. The bones of that place still exist for anyone who wants to take the time to stroll around it.


I write about the poor of Dublin. I was born in the tenement buildings in what we called The Lane. My family were moved out when the place was razed to bring in ‘improvements’ in living conditions. My parents till the day they died never stopped talking about the life and community they had enjoyed there.



The family visited the few lucky people who had managed to get houses in the new and improved Lane so I am very familiar with the area even now.


I took some photographs on a recent walk around Dublin. I’ll post them on here for your enjoyment. The mad woman with the walking stick is me. I didn’t want to be in the pictures but my camerawoman (my daughter) just kept snapping and I seemed to be in the way.


I’ll put a notice and a brief insight into the place in my stories for each photo.


IMG_1497 One side of Merrion Square with the park that was locked by key in front of me. Ann Marie’s uncles house is now an American School.


IMG_1512The author taking a break in Merrion Square Park. I still feel I shouldn’t be in there.



IMG_1514Walking across the park to reach another side of the square. This would be Ivy’s Monday morning ‘round’.


IMG_1519Merrion Square.


IMG_1472What we called Westland Row church – proper name Saint Andrew’s – but this is Father Leary’s church for my readers. Beautiful isn’t it?

IMG_1473Saint Andrew’s today. It did have a high railing around the altar in my day and in Ivy’s too.

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