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Tour of Dublin

I toured Dublin this weekend with an avid – not to say rabid – fan of Ivy’s world. As we walked along and I pointed out to my friend – a stranger to Dublin – the many places that featured in my books I realised I could put together a virtual tour of Ivy’s Dublin. It was a strange experience for me because to my friend Ivy and her world are real. She could see Jem sitting waiting outside what is now Heuston Train Station (Kingsbridge in Ivy’s time). We walked across the Ha’penny Bridge and I pointed out Ivy’s route down the lane’s and alleys of Dublin. The bones of the old buildings are still there.


On Grafton Street I pointed to the shop that would have sold Ivy’s dolls. The Merrion Square houses that Ivy’s ¬†friends and family lived in and then into The Lane. The bones of the livery can still be seen in the brickwork. It was a surreal experience for me but it did get me thinking. I’m going to organise another trip around Ivy’s world this time with the idea of taking photographs of the old buildings and giving a brief history from Ivy’s viewpoint. It should be fun for me and hopefully inspiring for my readers. My friend said she was going to re-read the books with her new view of the places mentioned in all of the books.


We exited The Lane using the Stephens Street tunnel to walk into a film crew. It was surreal as it almost seemed Jem was waiting to drive us home. Oh, if only – how fabulous to be driven around Dublin in a horse and carriage.


I took some photo’s of the film set which I was informed was to celebrate the life of Mary Shelley the writer of Frankenstein.


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