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Through Streets Broad and Narrow.




The saga of Ivy Rose Murphy begins with Through Streets Broad and Narrow. The books are about Dublin the city I was born and grew up in. It’s not my Dublin though. It’s the Dublin of my parents.

Who knew all those hours of being told to sit there and shut up would reap rewards. Children were meant to be ‘seen and not heard’. Adults seemed to truly believe we couldn’t understand their spoken word.

Well, guess what. I understood every word said.

When I sat down to write these books I discovered I had a fount of background information available to me in all of those gossip sessions I was forced to sit through.

Ha’penny Chance follows Ivy and her friends around Dublin. She is determined to improve her lot in life – if only people would let her.


The Ha’penny Place is the third book in the series.


7 Responses to Through Streets Broad and Narrow.

  1. Shirley Thomson says:

    I’m in New Zealand, opposite side of the world, but love Ivy Rose Murphy and her friends. I have almost finished Ha’penny Chance. Did a genealogy DNA test. Thought I was all English and Scottish but it says I’m 33% Irish. Well, well, fancy that! Maybe Ivy Rose is a distant relative? (Ha ha)

    • Gemma says:

      Morning from Ireland Shirley,

      So happy you are enjoying my books. DNA testing is fabulous isn’t it? So, welcome to your Irish bits!!


  2. Martha Grimes says:

    Enjoyed Ha’Penny Place, would really have enjoyed see Father Leary get his due at the hands of St. Michael. Leary actions become noticed and the Wrath of God comes down on him, full force

  3. Michelle David says:

    I got the first book on sale. Finally sat down to read it yesterday and devoured it in one gulp. Then bought the second book and read it in one shot too. Bought the third one but I was good and didn’t stay up all night reading it so I finished it this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed them all and really hope you write some more about our friends on The Lane. Reviewed them on Amazon for you since I know that really helps authors out when their books have more reviews. Best Wishes and thanks for the adventures!

    • Gemma says:

      Good Morning Michelle,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me of your enjoyment of Ivy’s world. It means so much to this writer to hear from readers who have enjoyed her books.

      Thank you too for taking the time to comment on Amazon you are so right – as a reader I check out the comments of authors I don’t know before I buy – so in this modern age such places as Amazon are vital to get my books out there.

      My 4th Ivy Rose book will be out this year – tentative date so far – July – fingers crossed.

      Gemma Jackson

  4. Patrice Wells says:

    I have stayed up late, late, late three nights in a row, consuming the Ivy Rose Murphy series. I loved each book. Thank you for such a wonderful adventure.

    • Gemma says:

      Morning Patrice,

      Thanks for taking the time to tell me of your enjoyment for the Ivy Rose books. I do love Ivy and love to hear from readers.

      It makes a writer’s heart soar to know people enjoy her work.

      Gemma Jackson

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